Ravendo/Randersbøren –a solid brand 

Ravendo/Randersbøren was founded in 1946 and has, since then, delivered wheelbarrows, hand trucks and other types of transport equipment to the entire world.

In Denmark, we don’t say that we’ll buy a wheelbarrow when the need arises; we say that we’ll buy a Randersbør. Proof of the immense effect of a reputable company on the otherwise discerning consumer for more than 70 years. How do you manage to maintain a brand like that? It’s actually a simple recipe: production of high-quality, long-life products at the right price, spiced with engineering excellence and innovation. The result is satisfied customers who cannot imagine anything else than the excellent quality once they have tried it.

Characterising keywords:

• Functionality
• Durability
• Ergonomics
• Quality
• Innovation

where we intend to use our mutual experience and resources continually to facilitate manual transport and make it safer and faster. Our products are part of the workingenvironment populated by millions of people throughout the world every day.

Workplace safety requirements are steadily increasing, and fortunately, companies are looking better after each employee. We have embraced this development and developed our own ergonomic series of hand trucks and other equipment; we also feel that we have a responsibility to enhance safety. To ensure longevity of our products, we and our suppliers have in close cooperation done our best to be the best. Among other things, we use Galfan zinc aluminium sheet for our pans which lasts up to three times longer than standard hot-galvanised sheet.