CO2 welding robots


Most of our product range is being welded, so we have great experience and always work with high precision and care.

Our wide selection in the welding department makes us extremely flexible in welding and there is virtually no limitation on what we can do.

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3 CO2 welding robots

  • ABB IRB 1400
  • ABB IRB 2600 (from 2017)
  • Panasonic VR-006L

1 spot welding robot

  • ABB IRB 6000 / 2.4-120

Our robots can take items up to 2000 mm and our spot welding robot can take items up to 3000 mm.

4 manual stations

  • Bolt welding HBS 1500 for max 8 mm bolt
  • Stripp DP 12-500. TECNA 600 mm
  • TECNA spot welding