For a more gentle and efficient work!

We are dedicated to continually developing products that are stable, reduce the strain on the body, and make hard work easier, more efficient, and gentler.

All Ravendo products are designed with a focus on solving tasks in the most efficient and ergonomic way, and several of our products is equipped with the Easy-Tip system, ergonomic handles and even a motor.

Many of our products are specifically designed for the construction and building industry, where wear and tear is a widespread occupational health issue.

Therefore, it is important that we ensure our products handle lifting tasks in a safe manner within the work environment we are a part of, and which millions of people around the world operate in.

The Easy-Tip

Introducing the Easy-Tip, a game-changer for anyone who deals with moving heavy loads. This innovative pedal, designed to be attached to a sack truck, significantly reduces the strain associated with tipping and unloading, all while cutting the effort required by a remarkable 50%.

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Ergonomic handles

Discover the future of comfort and efficiency with ergonomic handles. Find out how these innovative designs can transform your daily tasks, enhancing both your well-being and productivity. Ergonomic handles are designed with user comfort in mind, providing a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue and strain.

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Powered Sack Truck

Gentle and efficient!

With our powered sack truck, the risk of overloading is reduced, and you will find it significantly easier to transport your items from A to B.

The powered sack truck is equipped with a 250W axle motor, sturdy pneumatic tires, support plate, folding frame and ergonomic handles that minimize the strain on the body.

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