Powder coating

Powder coating

Most of our product range is painted, so we have great experience and always work with high precision and carefulness.
Our painting plant can paint in all RAL colors, and the item is ready for use immediately.
The paint is both rust-proof and environmentally friendly. It is strong compared to bumps and scratches, and the paint comes around the whole subject as it is sprayed / blown on.

The painting plant can handle items up to

700 mm x 1500 mm x 2000 mm.

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The process


The conveyor lane drive the item into the washing cabin where the item is rinsed and surface treated in an iron phosphation process. 


After washing, the item drives into a drying oven where it is heated to approx. 100 ° C.


The item drives into a powder bin and is now ready for powder coating. 12 sprayers/blowers ensure that the powder comes all the way around the item.


The item now drives into a hardening furnace (from 2017) where the powder merge and forms a uniform and smooth surface.