Tube bending

Pipe bending

A large part of our product range is bent in pipes, so we have great experience in pipe machining.
We have a wide range of pipe benders so we can bend almost everything.

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Pedrazzoli bend master 32 2T IMS 5 AX.

A double-headed 5-axis, without mandrel. It bends to perfection pipes symmetrically and can take items up to 4200 mm L. Max pipe diameter = 32 x 2 mm. It is ideal for any type of pipe set where symmetry is important.

Bema G 45 CNP-D with mandrel

Max pipe dimention = 45 x 2.5 mm.
Can take items up to 3400 mm L.

Herber SBM-2B-40

Max pipe dimention = 40 x 2 mm.

OMP Cutting Lines

Fully automatic saw.